ALL orders (pick-up or shipping) are subject to 1-3 days lead time, daily cut off for processing is 3PM. JRS (delivery) shipping is every TUESDAY and FRIDAY, PICKUP (via rider or personal) can be done once the notification is received. PLEASE NOTE PROCESSING TIME!
ALL orders (pick-up or shipping) are subject to 1-3 days lead time, daily cut off for processing is 3PM. JRS (delivery) shipping is every TUESDAY and FRIDAY, PICKUP (via rider or personal) can be done once the notification is received. PLEASE NOTE PROCESSING TIME!
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Monaco Mercerized B10
Monaco Mercerized B11
Monaco Mercerized B259
Monaco Mercerized B12
Monaco Mercerized B20
Monaco Mercerized B13
Monaco Mercerized B17
Monaco Mercerized B23
Monaco Mercerized B232
Monaco Mercerized B260
Monaco Mercerized B224
Monaco Mercerized But12
Monaco Mercerized B25
Monaco Mercerized B22
Monaco Mercerized B261
Monaco Mercerized B30
Monaco Mercerized B31
Monaco Mercerized B32
Monaco Mercerized B241
Monaco Mercerized B254
Monaco Mercerized B250
Monaco Mercerized B36
Monaco Mercerized B231
Monaco Mercerized B294
Monaco Mercerized B275
Monaco Mercerized B244
Monaco Mercerized B34
Monaco Mercerized B239
Monaco Mercerized B21
Monaco Mercerized B28
Monaco Mercerized B221
Monaco Mercerized B230
Monaco Mercerized B262
Monaco Mercerized B26
Monaco Mercerized B24
Monaco Mercerized B235
Monaco Mercerized But55
Monaco Mercerized B44
Monaco Mercerized B43
Monaco Mercerized B240
Monaco Mercerized But66
Monaco Mercerized B42
Monaco Mercerized B41
Monaco Mercerized B45
Monaco Mercerized B40
Monaco Mercerized B242
Monaco Mercerized B56
Monaco Mercerized But36
Monaco Mercerized B249
Monaco Mercerized But61
Monaco Mercerized B49
Monaco Mercerized B277
Monaco Mercerized B293
Monaco Mercerized B51
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Monaco Mercerized B52
Monaco Mercerized But40
Monaco Mercerized B55
Monaco Mercerized B286
Monaco Mercerized B258
Monaco Mercerized B297
Monaco Mercerized B62
Monaco Mercerized B61
Monaco Mercerized B257
Monaco Mercerized B65
Monaco Mercerized B66
Monaco Mercerized Beu66
Monaco Mercerized B280
Monaco Mercerized B76
Monaco Mercerized B236
Monaco Mercerized B99
Monaco Mercerized B247
Monaco Mercerized B264
Monaco Mercerized B266
Monaco Mercerized B1
Monaco Mercerized B100
Monaco Mercerized B248
Monaco Mercerized But25
Monaco Mercerized BMTE1
Monaco Mercerized BLMS1

[WHOLESALE] MONACO Mercerized Crochet Thread

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Please do not forget to include the colors you need in Notes to Seller when you check out. Make sure that you are placing order in multiples of 12 (12, 24, 36 etc) when creating your list, otherwise we will send out random colors. 

[Example content of Notes to Seller:   B1- 4pcs; B43- 4pcs; B55- 4pcs ]

You can find this for sale individually at Monaco Mercerized Crochet Thread

The classic 3ply crochet thread (size 8) from Monaco is a staple for everyone who learned how to crochet in home economics. These lace yarns are perfect for timeless and classic pieces like lace doilies, small lace amigurumi, or classic purses and small trinkets. You may also use them for knotting bracelets!

Best paired with steel crochet hooks.



Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are your payment methods?  

We currently accept payments through BDO bank deposit, GCash, and PayMaya. 

Payment details will be sent to your e-mail separately. Please wait for the final "PAYMENT DETAILS" Invoice. Once the details are sent, we require that payment be made within 48 hours. Kindly send us a copy of your proof of payment via e-mail at, through our Facebook page, or through our Instagram at Please ensure that the photo is clear and shows the necessary information, and that you have indicated the order number and your full name. 

The tracking details (for courier delivery items) for your package will be emailed to you when the items have been shipped out. Currently, our shipping day is only on WEDNESDAY with Tuesday payment cut off. 

2. How much will shipping cost? 

For app-based delivery services (for METRO MANILA only) such as Grab, Lalamove, Angkas, Mr. Speedy etc., the rates would depend on the prevailing app rates as well as the distance to be traveled. Booking for courier will be done by the client. We do not book app-based delivery for customers. 

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As of June 22, 2020, the prevailing lead times are as follows: 

Metro Manila: 1 week

Luzon: 1 week

Visayas and Mindanao: 3 to 4 weeks 

Please be guided accordingly. 

3. I want to see your products in person, do you have physical stores? 


You can shop the full Oh My Yarn collection (except if items are marked as "online exclusive") at PACIFIC TEXTILE TRADERS located at 881 Tabora St. Tondo, Manila. 

A few of our bestsellers can also be purchased from the Make Space Today pop-up at Uptown Place Mall, BGC near the cinema level. 

4. Do you have Shopee?

No, we do not have a Shopee store, please do not transact with any shop using our photos or claiming to be us. 

5. Do you have Cash on Delivery? 

As part of our shop policy, we do not dispatch unpaid items. This is for the safety of all parties. Please do not purchase if you have doubts. 


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Oh My Yarn! is an online store that caters to orders primarily in the Philippines. At the moment, our web-store is only for online purchases. We do not accept requests for reservation or for store pick-up. We are currently shipping out items from our Quezon City hub due to the community quarantine regulations. Any transactions to be done with the shop at Pacific Textile Traders should be directed to the shop itself and not through the website. 


Returns and Exchanges 

We accept returns ONLY if the item can be proven to have been damaged at the time of ship-out, or if item has a manufacturing defect. Damages cause by the customer are out of our control and are not subject to any return or refund privileges. 

Exchanges can only be done within 7 days of receiving the item and only if the item sent was found to be wrong. Items for exchange must be in the original packaging. 

Shipping fee for any return or exchange (both ways) is shouldered by the buyer.

For parcels that the courier has tagged for RETURN TO SENDER, we can only refund the item value. Shipping amount is not eligible for refund. Please ensure that you provide the complete necessary details to ensure that this will not occur.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is handled on a case to case basis, please be a responsible buyer and do not check out if the payment methods or other aspects of online shopping are not amenable to you. If you are unsure about anything, contact us immediately. 

Cancellation due to ignorance of store policies are discouraged. 


Shipping Policy

Oh My Yarn uses third party courier services. As such, we have no control over the delivery and handling of the items. As much as possible, we put extra care into packing your orders in order to ensure that the items arrive at your doorstep in tip-top condition. For same-day delivery services, we limit the use of extra packaging to minimize waste. We hope you understand. 

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1. Your address and contact details are correct. 

To ensure the item reaches you in time, kindly double check the name, address, and contact number you have encoded. This lessens the likelihood of lost or re-routed parcels. It also makes it easier for both of us since changing the shipping details when parcel has already been shipped out is difficult. 

2. Damaged or tampered packages are not accepted or immediately reported to your delivery person. 

If the package arrives to you in bad shape, DO NOT ACCEPT IT and immediately report it to the delivery person. Once you accept the tampered package, we are not liable for any lost or damaged items. 

We discourage merging the shipping of two different order numbers. Should you have any additional orders you left out in your first check-out, kindly send us a message so we can manually add them into your existing order. A new order number means separate transaction, and thus separate shipping. 

3. Report any issues immediately

In the event that the courier requires additional information from you that you cannot provide, or if they contact you with any issues regarding your parcel, let us know immediately. We will try to assist to the best of our ability, but we cannot assume responsibility for any concerns in delivery (out of scope, etc) that the courier will bring up; or in the case of international orders, we cannot be liable for customs prohibitions and verdicts as these matters are beyond our control

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